Tuesday, 2 June 2015

John Cherry Memorial


Please note this page was updated on 05th June at 16:25 with a new version of the photo download.

As a celebration of John’s life, and love for running, as John was such a stalwart of the parkrun event, those of us that are able to be there at the Poole parkrun on Saturday June 6th are planning to run with a photo of John pinned to the back of our shirts.

John’s memorial service being on the 5th, this will follow on nicely. This is the same weekend as Poole Festival of Running, so maybe many runners would be happy to do parkrun at a slower pace in a group?

John’s wife, daughters and their partners will be in attendance.

The Poole parkrun team will be holding a minute’s applause for John on that date too, and regular Poole parkrunners have been asked to wear their commemorative 50/100 t-shirts (if they have one) on the 6th as a mark of respect to John.

You can download a copy of the photo we are proposing to wear on our shirts on Saturday here.

It is a photo of John that was taken at a parkrun, and happens to have been taken during the very race where he recorded his parkrun personal best-ever time.

Those of you that are planning to be the at Poole parkrun on Saturday if you do have access to a colour printer it would be helpful if you could print yours off in advance and take some pins.

Do please wear this even if you are not running – some spectators and marshalls will be wearing these as well as runners.

Justgiving Page

In honour of John we have also set up a webpage where donations can be made to Cancer Research UK in honour of John’s brave battle with Cancer. Any donation, however big or small, is a tribute to John’s life, and another step nearer to finding a cure to this terrible disease that has such an impact on so many people.

You can donate here.

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