Club Championship

Club Championship

The club championship is open to all first claim club members and is comprised of fourteen local races of various distance that are held throughout the year. The championship is split into separate Men's and Ladies competitions with trophies awarded at the end of the year to the top three runners in each competition. The Championship Shield is also engraved with the names of the top lady and top man. To see more about the current championship schedule and standings have a look at the current club championship page.

Scoring Rules

Points are awarded at each scheduled Club Championship race based on relative finishing position within the club, within gender. Each runner's best eight races count towards their Club Championship points. The winner is the male or female at the end of the club championship year with the most points.

30 points are awarded to the first club runner home in each race with 27 points for second, reducing by three points down to sixth place, then by two down to eleventh, and then by a point down to fifteenth. In addition to the scheduled championship races any marathon can count as one of a runner's best eight.

  • In races that utilise chip timing, and display the chip times as part of the official results, the chip times is used to determine positions.
  • If multiple club members run in the same marathon then finishing positions determine the points awarded.
  • Once a runner has run more than eight races then only their "best eight" races count.
    • The "best eight" are those races that give the runner the most points (which are not necessarily the best eight placed races).

Previous Championships

For details about past championships have a look here.